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Thanks to everyone that attended the last event and helped make it another great success. You can find out about the talks that happened and view the slides from all past event over here.

We’re working on putting together the next event now and will be publishing the new speaker details soon. If you’re interested in getting involved and have a great talk idea, get in touch with us.

About Night

Melbourne Geek Night is an informal get-together for passionate people to share ideas, talk about innovation and new technologies and hear stories of insight, triumph and inspiration from incredible speakers.

Aside from all the social blather and networking there are a 2-3 short talks (around 20 minutes each) from our amazing guest speakers. Come along and get learned!

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Geek Night: Past Events

21st August 2017

Imposter syndrome: Make it while you fake it

Peter will remove his own mask of confidence and share his experiences of imposter syndrome, making an attempt to separate the real from the imagined. He’ll talk about objective success and reveal how his own internal monologue undermines it at every turn. Peter will share his techniques for getting over his own impostor syndrome as it recurs in his day-to-day job.

Peter Wilson

Senior Engineer

Human Made

Disability as a driver of innovation

Zoe's four year old son has a love of pokemon, an aversion to green foods, and a disability. Maybe.

This talk will cover disability as a driver of innovation, the aesthetics of designing for disability, and the limitations of accessibility guidelines. It will also expIore what it means not to know something, and how not knowing impacts on the people who make software and the people who use it.

Zoë Rose

UX, IA, Education


Innovative ways in which creatives are pursuing their passions whilst making money online

It's not just big brands, banks and agencies leading the way in digital innovation. There is an entire economy of almost invisible entrepreneurs creating empires from their dining tables and home offices in their PJs! Australia's bloggers are a community of problem solvers, DIYers, and increasingly, savvy digital marketers who embrace change, failure and the lure of freedom from the typical 9 - 5. Laney will share some case studies of how bloggers are adopting digital marketing, design and eCommerce solutions to leverage their creative content and convert their raving fans into 6 and 7 figure incomes (and yes, usually in their PJs!).

Laney Galligan

General Manager


19th June 2017

Joyce Seitzinger

Joyce Seitzinger is the director of Academic Tribe and a frequent speaker at education and learning events. Joyce has been a learning designer since 1999 working in Europe, New Zealand and Australia.

Joyce Seitzinger


Academic Tribe


Jason Culverwell

Jason is a Design Director at Downstream and has been leading multi-disciplinary design teams for over 10 years, with experience ranging from identity design, product design, experiential retail environments and more recently large canvas digital activations.

Jason Culverwell

Design Director


Daniel Fine

Dan Fine works as a Senior Experience Designer at The Customer Experience Company where he gets to work in eclectic teams to design and deliver better customer experiences for some of Australia's largest and most diverse companies. 

Daniel Fine

Senior Experience Designer

The Customer Experience Company

Tristan Cooke

Tristan Cooke is a Service Design Lead at NAB. He believes that that human-centred design is the best way to improve products, services, business and societies and he can make that happen.

Tristan Cooke

Human-Centred (Service) Design Leader



10th April 2017

Workplaces of the future

An architect and academic, Dr Agustin Chevez has dedicated his career to understanding the notion of work and uncovering environments that best support our working lives. In this talk Agustin shares some of his latest research outlining just what this means for the workplaces of the future.

Agustin Chevez

Senior Researcher


How a UX team can bring change & Agile behaviour into the pre & post delivery conversation

Catherine Hills, UX Lead at REA Group covers an interesting topic: How a UX team can bring change and Agile behaviour into the pre and post delivery conversation

Catherine Hills

UX Lead

REA Group


Some is better than none (qualitative research)

Amir is a practitioner with over 10,000+ hours of design and design leadership experience and loves to empower individuals and companies to use the design process to solve problems. In this talk Amir will tell some stories and share the advice he gives in helping designers convince their stakeholders or clients that some qualitative research is better than none.

Amir Ansari

Head of UX



20th February 2017

Living the Lean Dream

UX learnings from a very Lean startup team "Ever wanted to bootstrap a startup? Want to build something and be your own boss? Reflections on running an extremely lean operation, not taking VC money, Lean UX and building a SaaS product. What's cool, what's scary, what's surprising and what you should start doing right now.

Amelia Schmidt

UX Practitioner



Storytelling for Experience Design

Liam will unpick story structure and explains how elements such as plot, character, and tone work together to formulate a cohesive and engaging tale.

Liam Keogh

CX Designer



Designing in the Anthropocene

Human Centred Design turns all of our users into protagonists of their own heroic journey. We need to rethink our tools and methods to start working at the system level and all the scales inbetween.

Daniel Neville

Senior Experience Designer